Tradition & Folklore

Art and culture is everywhere: the sculptures in parks, the Latin American masterpieces in galleries and museums, or the tango melodies that soar out of a cafe's window... But to understand and feel it, there is nothing better than meeting the artisans of this creative world. Take time to soak in the Tango culture by visiting a milonga, a dance hall where Porteños will dance tango during their lunch break from work. Or assist to a professional soccer game or polo match, the Argentines are world-beaters at both! Or live and breathe Football attending at the local derby's such as Boca Juniors and River Place. You prefer opera, ballet or classical music concerts? Then attend a performance at the Teatro Colon, ranked by National Geographic as the third best Opera House in the world. If the culinary arts are appealing, consider a cooking workshop while in Buenos Aires.

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