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 GULLIES TOURS DMC & T.O. is a young professional Destination Management Company and B2B full-service specialized provider in the organisation of Tour Packages, Leisure and Luxury Travel, Adventure and Outdoor Activities, Events and Incentives in all regions of Argentina and Italy with strengths in Tuscany. Our products focus on safety, health, nature, wellness and customisation for FITs, family travel and exclusive small group tours. Gullies Tours is founded by an experienced travel agent with a professional background of more than 28 years in the tourism industry, strong with all the enthusiasm and professionalism that a customer expects when putting their dreams in the hands of a professional organiser. Gullies Tours ensures that clients are safe at every stage of their journey, providing travel arrangements from start to finish, negotiating rates and deals to arrive at excellent services with the best package at the best price per person, as well as providing technical and practical support throughout the trip. Over the years, we have developed a tight network of contacts and collaborations that allow us to find the best solution to any request. Our approach is based on a keen understanding of time and travel planning, as well as extensive travel experience in many countries. Travel is our passion!

Our Destinations: Italy & Europe | Argentina & South America
Our Services:  Tailor-Made Tours   Adventure Tours   Active Tours  Incentive Tours  Luxury Tours  Food & Wine Tours   Architectural Tours  Culture Tours  Shopping Tours  Wellness Tours   Healing & Yoga Retreats  Wedding Tours   Leisure Tours  Walking Trekking Tours  Hiking Bike Tours   Motorcycle Tours  Vespa and Vintage Tours   Horse Riding Tours  Golf & Sport Tours  Truffle Hunting Experience  Night Tours  Festival and Opera Tours  High quality entertainment, from Top Artists in exclusives Venues  Group Transfers & VIP services   Sailing Challenges   Sailing Regatta  Outdoor Activities    Accommodation   Excursions & Sightseeing Trips   Photograph Workshops   Cooking & Pizza Classes   Ice-Cream Classes   Airport Assistance   Meet & Greet   And much more...

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Italo-Argentina globetrotter with a unique crush both on South America and on Italy, country of birth, Serena has been travelling the world since birth and has lived in Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Italy. A child of parents both heavily involved in travel, Serena was born to be a travel agent and to bring her passion worldwide! A seasoned professional travel agent with over 28 years of experience in tourism, multitasking worker, and mum, she loves sharing her passion for travel delighting travelers with unique, unexpected, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Iguazu Falls

Iguazú Falls are located within the Iguazú National Park, a protected area extending over 67,720 hectares on the Northern border of the Province of Misiones. The Park comprises a series of 275 waterfalls at the heart of the Paranaense Rainforest, located 17 kilometers  from the Iguazú River mouth into the Paraná River, where the Argentine, Brazil and Paraguay borders meet, and where the cities of Puerto Rico, Argentina and Foz do Iguaçú, Brazil are. In 2013, UNESCO awarded Iguazú National Park once again for its Exceptional Universal Value, being a site of such extraordinary cultural and natural value transcending national borders, a site of value for humanity’s present and future generations.

Pistoia, A memorial to Brazil's little-known role in World War II

The role of Brazil in the European theatre of World War II is one of the least well known aspects of the war. This Italian cemetery is the memorial to that role. After the remains were transferred, the body of a soldier was found remaining in the cemetery. The Brazilian Government chose to leave and honor it there, in a new votive Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which honours over four hundred soldiers fallen in World War II. In 1967 the cemetery reopened with the inauguration of a Modernist votive Brazilian Monument and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of World War II. The monument's serene site plan: with stone terraces, the votive "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier" memorial, and a sculptural open pavilion; were designed by Brazilian modernist architect Olavo Redig de Campos (1906–1984), a contemporary of Oscar Niemeyer. 

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